I am a travel, lifestyle, and real estate videographer based in Seattle, Washington. I have had a passion for filmmaking and photography ever since I got my hands on a camera at the age of 10. I enjoy taking on new challenges and am ready to film anything from an action movie to a wedding.

If you decide to work with me I can guarantee your vision will match the final product. I will not publish any videos until my client is satisfied with every scene.

In today's day and age videos are the leading way to communicate your story with people across the world. Social media has made our attention spans shorter and shorter,, because of this I have learned to produce videos that get crucial information across without losing a viewer. I will make sure all content produced is compatible with social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

I value meeting face to face and discussing a plan before jumping into things. I would be happy to have coffee and talk over whatever project you have in mind. If you are not in the area a phone call or an email would be a great way to start.